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What are instant tab / charitable game tickets?

Who can sell charitable games?

How much can an organization make?

How do I get started?

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How do I get started?
The Lottery will offer two licenses: a new charitable license, available only to nonprofit organizations, and a full-product license, available to all applicants, including nonprofits. Organizations may apply for one or both licenses.

A charitable license is necessary to sell charitable instant tab tickets with the 20% commission. This license limits redemption to the location of purchase.

A full-product license is necessary to sell SMSCRATCHERS and all other Lottery products.

The charitable license application is a simple process with fewer forms than a full-product license. Please contact the licensing manager, Loraine Wade, at to request an application.

There is no deadline for application, but the sooner an organization applies, the sooner it can be licensed to sell instant tab tickets.

For updates and additional information about charity games, please send contact and organization information to