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What are instant tab / charitable game tickets?

Who can sell charitable games?

How much can an organization make?

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How much can an organization make?
Charitable nonprofit organizations will earn a 20% commission on the sale of instant tab games. If the organization is already a full-product Arizona Lottery retailer, they will continue to earn 6.5% on the sale of all other Lottery products.

The cost of tickets will be based on the value of the tickets less the cost of the prizes per game (since the retailer must pay those prizes) and the commission earned by the retailer.

If a $1 game package contains 2,400 tickets, the breakdown would be:

$2,400   (sale value)
$1,560   (65%: prizes to be paid)
$360   (retailer cost)
$480   (Retailer Profit)

Retailers are free to decide which games—and how many games—to carry, based on experience with its members and guests.

Factors including physical location, and number of members will influence the amount an organization can make.

These games are often played in a social setting, which can extend guests stay and potentially increase food and beverage sales.